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Penland Last Days

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The last few days at Penland are a rush of activity. Getting those final demos in, firing a few more pieces. Staying up late in the studio, then even later hanging out with classmates. The last night of the session is an auction which is typically super fun affair. I won a brooch made by the lovely studio assistant Tanya Crane, and a blown glass and iron cloud sculpture that has sadly already met its demise. It was pretty while it lasted, and now I have an iron stand that I can hopefully make into something else. Penland is a really special place. If you ever have an opportunity to go, do it. I hope to return many, many times, and while I’m happy to be home with my kitties and sleeping in my own bed, I miss it.

Clockwise from top: A pile of enameled and copper bits; Whiteboard portraits of Arthur and Tanya created during the auction after-party; My successful champleve piece (Don’t Stop Believing!); My awesome roommate Tara; Tara with the amazing Arthur Hash bracelet she won at the auction; Upper metals jewelry sale on the porch!

Penland Last Days

Enameling cautionary tale, from left to right: Etched Deer (See day 5&6 post for how I did the etching); deer with added enamel after being accidentally left in the kiln while I went to lunch (should only be in there about 3-5 minutes… oops); Final piece after some grinding. 

enameling cautionary tale

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July 26, 2013 at 7:13 pm

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