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The Conversation: Part 2

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Based on the Conversation: Part 1,  Mike had the idea of creating a photo that had a three-dimensional/flowing/textural feel. He used a co-worker with some beautiful tattoos, great legs, and a ton of energy and emerged with an amazing, dynamic photo. The image made me think of a bird flying, metamorphosis, energy, dynamic change.

For my Conversation: Part 2 (official name TBD)  I painted the environment of the photo. Hardwood floor, white wall. The wall changes to a cloudy sky, and the girl becomes a bird flying with wings of ribbons. I used the very same cat mask, but painted over its face with an owl’s face. (acrylic, fabric, ribbon, and feathers on canvas)


Written by stuffmaker

December 14, 2010 at 1:17 am

Posted in mixed media, Painting

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  1. […] Kline: The Conversation.  My jumping off point was Allison’s owl painting (you can see that here) – I had originally envisioned something a bit different than this.  I was going to have these […]

  2. […] and performer John Osebold.  This image is also the latest image for ‘The Conversation’ […]

  3. […] answer to my last painting  in the conversation series was this amazing photo of local cabaret performer and dancer Waxie […]

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