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Petrified Orange

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About a year ago I brought an orange to work, put it on my desk, and on my desk it stayed.

Since then, it’s been the subject of much ridicule from my co-worker Erin, who thinks it’s is fairly disgusting (which I suppose it is).

This week I’ve had to pack up my desk to move into a new office (which my new office-mate Sean refers to as “the veal pen”). So what does one do? Pack and move the orange? Throw it away?

Neither of these options seemed appropriate… So naturally I decided to make some art!

Sadly, Erin is both moving desks and teams. So for a going-away present, I made this little orange nest to remember me by.

(acrylic, paper, copper wire, raffia, ancient orange)


Written by stuffmaker

December 10, 2010 at 10:43 am

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