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The Conversation: Part 1

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My good friend Mike Hipple, who also happens to be an amazing photographer,  approached me with an idea a few months ago. His husband Sam was organizing a big arts festival, Arts Crush, in Seattle during the month of October with weeks of visual art, books and music, theatre, and dance.

Mike suggested that we collaborate on a project for the visual arts portion of the month, which we decided to call “The Conversation.” The concept starts with a photo by Mike, which I use as inspiration for a painting, which Mike uses as inspiration for a photo, and so on.

Mike had an idea for the first photo, and he wanted to use me as the model and my bedroom as the set.

As it happens, the past few years I’ve been suffering with chronic insomnia and this photo makes me think of that in-between state that insomnia produces. Not awake, but not asleep. Dream state overlapping with reality. So that is what I painted. (acrylic, spray paint, fabric)

We didn’t quite pull it together for the 2010 Arts Crush, but we have a goal of creating at least 12 sets (and hopefully more) by October 2011 for the next Arts Crush!


Written by stuffmaker

December 2, 2010 at 11:46 pm

Posted in mixed media, Painting

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