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A day in the life

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I’ve been sadly remiss in meeting my goal of a post a week. Perhaps this means I should avoid setting goals centered around being creative. I mean, you really can’t force art… you’re either feeling it or not. And lately, sadly, not so much. But thanks to a task I was assigned at work, I recently explored yet another new medium, video. We have a new Chief Communications Officer at the foundation, and for our team’s all-staff meeting she wants someone each month to put together a presentation about a day in their life. Because I’m “the creative one” I was asked to do the first presentation, and because I am not comfortable speaking in public I decided to make a video. I now have a new respect for movie makers, and their ability to tell a story. Here is my little story… it’s filled with inside jokes that got laughs at the meeting, but is a pretty accurate view into what I do all day, including waiting for the slowest elevator in the world. Enjoy!

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March 20, 2010 at 12:19 pm

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