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Partly Cloudy

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I took an encaustic painting class at Pratt a couple years ago and totally loved it. However, I never explored using the medium in my home studio because the set-up is a little elaborate (metal palette on top of a hot plate, heat gun and/or blow torch, melted wax), plus it’s a little toxic (but what good art isn’t a little?), and the supplies are expensive and hard to come by (again, what art supplies aren’t?). But after a trip to New York this past October where I spent the last hours of my visit drooling on the third floor of the MOMA over a Jasper Johns’ Flag painting (see above), I got the itch to try it again. And later, in a totally unrelated fit of spontaneity I bought a whole encaustic set up. So now I’m starting to explore the medium (with windows open for ventilation) and am planning that my new year’s resolution will be created mostly in this medium. I promise to share some of that work soon…

Meanwhile, I have a couple acrylic/mixed media pieces I’ve been working on. The piece in the photo below I’m thinking of calling “Partly Cloudy” It’s made up of cut up pages from an old book, wire frame and acrylic paint. I can’t decide if it’s done or not (which may mean that it isn’t?)


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January 13, 2010 at 11:23 pm

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Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases

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On a recent excursion to the goodwill I found this amazing book titled Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases published in 1918… It’s full of gems like “seriousness lurked in the depths of her eyes” and “weak and frail like the vapor of a vale” subset into sections such as “literary expressions” and “striking similes.”

What does this wonderful find have to do with making stuff you ask? Well, I’ve always had a hard time naming my artwork and I intend to use this book to assist me. What do you suppose a painting with a name like “So my spirit beat itself like a caged bird against its prison bars in vain” would look like? Stay tuned to find out.

I have a couple goals (or dare I say resolutions) for the new year. The first, to post weekly to this blog, will hopefully help me realize the second, which is to have a gallery show of the work I’ll be creating. I’m looking forward to a fruitful, creative and happy year and hopefully at the end of 2010 I’ll have a large body of work to share.

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January 1, 2010 at 10:40 pm

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