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“I can make that”

Those four little words pop into my head and I suddenly find myself in random shops like Tenzing Momo in the Pike Place Market buying things like gentian root, or wormwood, or angelica root. The quest for those particular ingredients began after having drinks at Spring Hill one night when the bartender gave me the recipe for homemade bitters. As a huge fan of bourbon in general, and Manhattans in particular, I thought to myself “I can make that.” And so I did.

Not surprisingly, this created a snowball effect and many months later I’ve created a host of products including the aforementioned bitters, plus sweet vermouth, and preserved cherries (which together with some Basil Hayden’s Bourbon create quite a tasty Manhattan if I do say so myself). As well as vanilla extract, chocolate truffles and Limoncello. Yum!

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December 29, 2009 at 4:28 pm

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